A Wedding to Remember | #RTGotAbs The Big Day

I wouldn't have chosen any other wedding to be a part of for my first time (other than being a barefoot cranky flower girl) being in a wedding. April 8, 2017 was perfect. We could not have asked for better weather, a better bridal party and a better couple.

In true fashion, the process of getting from point A to point B proved difficult. Once again, weather/travel problems. Rather than flying from Providence, RI direct to Chicago, IL like was planned... we took the following path.

After looking at Boston/Manchester/Hartford/New York/Pennsylvania/Maine airports to see if there were any available flights after our initial one was cancelled... we came to this conclusion. Fly from Providence, Rhode Island to Fort Lauderdale, Florida - sleep over and fly to Chicago the next morning. So that is exactly what we did. After a rocky flight where I had my go-to gin and tonics we landed in Florida just in time to sleep, wake up and get back on a plane to Chicago.

It wouldn't be traveling with me without some type of issue.

Photography by Emily Capisciolto

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