#RTGotAbs | Whirlwind Travel to Napa + 2 Blizzards & 6 Flights

What turned out to be an amazing and unforgettable weekend started out with blizzard number 1, Winter Storm Niko.

Flight #1: Boston, MA - Oakland, CA - Cancelled

Flight #2: Rescheduled: Boston, MA - Oakland, CA - Cancelled

Flight #2: Rescheduled Again: Boston, MA - Oakland, CA - Finally made it

While we were in Napa we took an amazing winery tour, it's impossible to not have fun when you're with a group of awesome girls and drinking delicious vino.

Flight #3: Oakland, CA - Boston, MA - Cancelled, Blizzard number 2

Flight #4: Oakland, CA - Chicago, IL - Impromptu sleepover at Grandma and Papa's

Flight #5: Chicago, IL - Columbus, OH - Layover of 3 hours

Flight #6: Columbus, OH - Boston, MA - Finally home after far too much snow

Have I mentioned that I also have flight anxiety... thank you JetBlue for serving gin and tonics ... my saving grace.

I may not have enjoyed the travel chaos, but our pup Porter sure loved the snow!

#Travel #Napa #California #JetBlue #GinandTonic #Bachelorette #Winery #Wine #Blizzard #Niko #LoganAirport #OaklandAirport

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